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Types of Control systems in air conditioning

Types of Control systems in air conditioning

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Just to give you a brief idea about the types of controls used in HVACR.

Control systems are grouped by their power source,and their general operating principle as electromechanical,pneumatic,electronic,and direct digital,most residence types of unit employ electromechanical device control systems which are two position controls that uses mechanical switches,and magnetically operated devices using 24v low voltage.

Capacitors can be very dangerous if not handled properly.
You have many types of capacitors often you would hear the term ”run cap” Well that’s the kick start sort of say but there many other types like your split type,filtering,some used for tuning,storage remember not all capacitors are made of the same material you have the mica,ceramic,paper,and film for d/c or a/c applications so youmust replace it with the same type that came off the unit believe me if not you will create a problem.

Discharging a capacitor
Discharging a capacitor cannot be done by crossing it with a screw driver you can damage it you can slowly add load to it or use a bleed resistor.



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