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There are Many types of-diagnostic diagrams

There are Many types of-diagnostic diagrams

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Different types of diagrams that a technician can use for troubleshooting:

Component location diagrams:

Component location diagram show location of components throughout the unit it’s helpful when you have many components that are physically identical component location diagrams usually don’t show wiring on circuits they usually show conjunction say used with the ladder diagrams which shows how the unit operates in field wiring connections the component location diagram.
Point to point diagrams:

Point to point diagrams show how the wires are routed to and from each connection point on the system Lions represent actual wires on the system typically point-to-point diagrams also show the wire color and terminal labels
Pictorial diagrams:

A pictorial diagram is also called labeled diagram combines the component location diagram and the point-to-point diagram the pictorial diagram looks like a picture of the control panel in the unit with lines representing the actual wires

Factual diagrams
Factual diagrams is a combination of a ladder diagram and a point-to-point diagram virtual diagrams are still arranged in a ladder but the references at each connection Point show where the actual wires run to and from on the unit



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