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Room air conditioners

Room air conditioners

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$449.00 pick it up locally 

 All Season Zoned Heating and Cooling  by American Comfort:

The ACD770 is a true complete home comfort system: a 4 in 1 Heater, Air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan. Its ideal all year round for that tough to heat and tough to cool spot in your home. Ideal for sunrooms, basements, lofts, additons, anywhere that you can’t get the temperature quite right. It’s sleek designed in Italy look make it appealing addition to any room and at 53 decibels its whisper quiet. You will marvel at the power its 12K BTU heating and cooling, our unique technology delivers tremendous air flow to get you feeling comfortable faster

Comes with a 3 year compressor warranty and one year on parts and labor


Model: ACD770 UPC Code: 712324611380
Cooling BTU: 12,000 Equivalent to one ton air conditioner
Room Size 600ft²    Thats about the size of 3 big rooms
Noise Level: 53 dB           Thats really quiet
Moisture Removal: 2.5
Coolant: R410A                  Better than r22
Air Flow Volume: 350M³ covers more are
Dimensions: 17 x 35 x 20 good compact size
Net Weight: 71 lbs              easy to lift
Color: White

As an HVAC experienced technician I keep a portable air conditioner in my own house for many purposes 1 if I’m in one room I don’t have the use the central air unit that comes with the house that saves on my electric bill every month .2 a unit with those type of specs wouldn’t affect your electric bill at all you wouldn’t even notice a difference the best thing about it is it has Heat and it has air conditioning it also dehumidifies so I will always recommend this type of unit not only to air conditioning contractors but to regular homeowners even if they own a central air conditioner.

Why do I recommended this to contractors many times we do installs in residential homes and promising that the job will take one day it ends up taking 3 days , so to satisfy your customer you may want to buy  one of these you can loan it to the customer until the job is done that would bring such peace of mind.


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