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Warranty tips for your a/c unit

Warranty tips for your a/c unit

High Voltage

  • Your home unit consist of High and low voltage

As high as 240 volts into your system from the electrical panel this is not something you would want to get into unless your are an experienced personnel in the field though you have a transformer that reduces voltage to 24volts all of it can be fatal in so many ways,trouble shooting is really vital there is no hit or miss,electricity gives you one chance either you burn something or get electrocuted,knowing the proper color codes from the thermostat on out to the whole system.

    • Green
    • White
Thermostat type
Wiring your thermostat
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Black

Upon Opening your thermostat you will see those wires,and they all go to a certain function thats why certification is required to work on these units because you cannot just throw these wires anywhere,the technician has to have it where it belongs otherwise its nothing but spaghetti
For Ex:If the green wire turns on the inside fan upon you selecting "FAN"At the thermostat the fan will come on it has to be at terminal"X" In order to make it work.The Compressor is in conjunction with the outside fan so they both turn together.

EX:As an owner, you know that Carrier® comfort comes from more than our heating and cooling systems. It’s in knowing your utility bills will be lower. And most of all, it’s in realizing we’ll stand behind our products with industry-leading warranties—and right by you—for each heat wave, cold snap and everything in between.But they will void you warranty if have a non certified person work on the system


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