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Waters heaters installed

Why water heatrs go bad:

The most common types are electric and gas water heaters that operates by electricity can either be 120/208/230 VAC Heated by an element When a hot-water tap or valve is opened, cold water enters the tank through the diping tube and the drop in temperature triggers the thermostat and the element . as water is being used, it is topped off by the supply from the top.

Replacing your water heater for your home can be just choosing a matching one from your local homedepot or lowes , but you should do some research on efficiency with todays technology you have a variety of highseers and high efficiency to choose from which  in time to come will save you on your monthly bill.

Types of water heaters  can vary :

From , Tankless or Demand-Type Water Heaters , Heat Pump Water Heaters , Solar Water Heaters , Storage Water Heaters , Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters , Drain-Water Heat Recovery , Reduce Hot Water Use for Energy Savings , oil geothermal , fuel oil etc…

Installing a new water heater:

You should not do this your self you must have the skill , it may look simple but can be dangerous replacing your water. Lets use an electric one for example you have to be able to shut-off the power supply make sure you do so dont just guess it can hurt you , drain by attaching a water hose , using a tubing cutter make a nice clean cut on all three lines (inlet outlet drain) trying to braze or sweat it out wont work unless you are sure it is completely empty the water wont let the pipe heat up enough so use the the tubing cutter.

Using shark bytes to attach you 3/4 inch lines turn on the supply bleed from the top valve to get the air out to prevent danger it may explode do not sit the unit on the floor always use a tray to prevent corosion.

Ifyou have a water heater problem call 407-777-8212 for same day service we will provide an estimate rightaway we cover  all areas of metro orlando florida.