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Air conditioning leak repair in Orlando florida

Leaks can occur in so many ways through out your system,from a Freon leak to a water,or even a capacitor leaking.

          • Water leaks -Will occur in places like the inside air handler due to condensation build up
          • Freon leaks- Happens in line,through out a pressurized system
          • Air leaks- Happens when ducts become defective up above
          • Duct leaks-Occurs from old worn out ducting
          • Capacitor leaks- They can start to leak or even explode
          • Below I will show you different types of leaks
It can be dangerous
leaking capacitors will bring your system to a halt
drain leak
A bad drain can cause damage to your closet


leaking duct in attic
can affect your system,keep it from getting cold
can affect your system,keep it from getting cold

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