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Who needs to have HVAC certification?

The  EPA, requires H.V. AC certification to anybody who performs maintenance, service, repair and getting rid of refrigerants that releases the chemicals inside the appliance to the atmosphere.


What are the types of certification do HVAC technicians need?

Handling or opening a container with controlled refrigerant are required by the  the EPA Section 608 certification.

These certifications are required before they can start to professionally perform repair, service, maintenance or disposal. .


What are the four types of HVAC certification?

  • Type I Certification

HVAC technicians, whose primary job is to service small appliances such as vending machines, window air conditioners, and domestic refrigerators, may take the Type I certification.

  • Type II Certification

HVAC technicians whose primary job is servicing and disposal of equipment with high pressure refrigerant such as residential air conditioners and heat pumps, supermarket refrigeration and process refrigeration, are required to have certification.


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