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Orlando Home air conditioning repair price

Orlando Home air conditioning repair price

Need a good price:

There are many companies that are competing against each other especially in the peak season of the HVAC industry what puzzles the customer is how they price the labor? Well! Labor can be determined by the technician without using a labor guide it should always be with the bracket of 50 dollar an hr for a service call or more depending on time day or night it may very well vary.

How ever if it’s a big repair the technician can work out a fixed price which can  over ride the service fees an example of that is lets say your unit stops working ,and you call an AC Company on Monday at 1 pm the response is they will have a tech at your house in one Hr he arrives at 2 o’clock it takes him one Hr to check the system once he is done he tells you have a bad compressor which 600 dollars to fix……Now its up to you to say repair it or not if he does repair its 600 for the repairs , you pay him there is no more 50 an hr it is now a$ 600 agreement.

How ever if he does not perform any work you owe him a service fee……. Just say two weeks later you call him to fix it the technician should waive any service fees but that is left up to him ,or her.

Inspection chart:

  1. Blower Motor – over amping can bring up your monthly bill
  2. Thermostat – should be leveld
  3. Clean -replacing existing filters and dryers
  4. Bearing noise – lub and inspect
  5. Inspect air handler for for mildew
  6. Condensate pan
  7. Inspect Condenser Coils
  8. Refrigerant – pressures
  9. Safety- moving parts
  10. Electrical Disconnect
  11. Electrical Wires
  12.  burned, pitted contacts overall
  13. Inspect for lose wiring
  14. capacitors
  15. Inspect fans
  16. Clean condenser coil and clear of trash
  17. Inspect service valves
  18. Measure Supply/Return temperature differential delta T
  19. Inspect duct work for static pressure
  20. Compressor – wiring connections