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Air condition Ducts design

Air condition Ducts design



Ducts systems and design

  Ducts are for   conditioned air  to be moved throughout a building,they are design to provide 
air that matches the needs of the structure.Proper duct systems design is critical to the 
energy efficiency of a building.

Your duct work has a lot to do with the way your system works , and the efficiency of it so therefore it must be properly design to fit the system if not you will not lose efficiency and comfort.

Load calculation

That has to be just right i.e 12000 btu’s 400 cfm’s per ton yadi ya you’ve heard before the whole idea behind those terms but at the end of the day it means a lot to your units performance otherwise you will not save money or be comfortable.

How old are your ducts vs your unit

Mistake number one now you are proud got a brand 16 SEER unit you,re feeling good but what about your duct system ? Its as old as the house ” HMM SHOCKED”.


Your local AC Company

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Our technicians are very up to date with their training , from NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified and EPA Universal (Environmental Protection Agency) certified and more.

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