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AC Repairs in orlando

AC Repairs in orlando

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In central fl the average one family home is build as a 3 bed rooms 2 car garage 1500 to 2000 more or les SQFT and 2 baths more or less meaning your 3.5 kids american dream in some subdivision but may differ if it’s a custom build . A structure of that size is usually equipped with a 3.5 ton air central air conditioning unit which is more than enough to cool or heat the living areas.

As wear and tear progresses the thermal envelope degrades the cycling of the air conditioner changes to a longer period of time which leads into an unbalance and irregular KW Consumption monthly.

After 15 to 20 years that unit will need to replace and some home owners will suggest to you as the installer to put a bigger unit ! Well bad news that is not a solution nor the cure to a long cycling unit.

Before I give you some answers let me ask you a few questions.

Does the R-value(insulation) inside the walls change after 20 years
Are the windows holding the same as 20 years ago
Is the insulation in the attic have the same thickness
Is you ac condenser pulling the same AMPS AS of 20 years later

The solution is to work on insulating your house better by replacing windows,adding more insulation if possible in accessible areas , replacing your duct work etc..


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