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Hvac-ac repairs-Orlando

Hvac-ac repairs-Orlando

Orlando Air Conditioning repairs Air conditiong repair

   Todays new high SEER technology:

It looks a little scary to me when you look inside 19 SEER Condenser the amount of electrical components from inverters  to processors is enough to make you quit the profession if one can remember the automobile industry went from carburetors to fuel injection a lot of mechanics went south.

If you have been an HVAC tech over ten years the new systems may trouble you some unless you update your self periodically as a matter of fact some carriers will not sell you these units unless you attend their seminars.As for this unit below maybe second generation I think they do exactly what the manufacturers say they do,such as less noise,more efficiency,multi speed, de-humidifiying , static pressure wg measuring and the whole shebang.

Understanding Troubleshooting:

It will be a while before we develop a diagnostic routine for these smart units , thanks to the on board diagnostic systems in most cases would display a code to lead you into the right path , how ever they do require communicating thermostats to provide maximum efficiency and some knowledge about types of wiring(no looping) and so forth.

Lightning strikes:

Iam very concerned about lightning damaging the electronics overtime especially in my state of florida . Though no one has mentioned ground rods I highly adding one or two apart from the original one on the job site especially if you have a chain link fence.




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