Facts-About repairing no replacing your A/C System

I’ll accompany don’t just walk in and sell you a new unit that is not how we operate if you have a problem you call us we come in we diagnose the problem and most cases we fix the problem we don’t create another problem just because we didn’t fix it we don’t take the old part with us nor do we change the wires around we don’t put pin holes in ac lines to create a leak we are honest we are repair technicians not replace technician Orlandoventilation.com will repair your air conditioner no pushy salesman would convince you into buying a new unit we do not work on commission.

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Facts-About repairing no replacing your A/C System

Facts-About repairing no replacing your A/C System.

You are looking your outside unit.

You are looking at you outside unit which is called a condenser the reason why it’s called a condenser because it condenses gas which is vapor into liquid . After it leaves the  condenser it goes through your filter the next stop would be the TXV which is called a thermal expansion valve or a thermostatic expansion valve will get into that later.

A technician walks in suddenly decides you need to change the unit ! let me Begin by explaining what is inside that unit what’s on top that looks like a cage underneath there is the condenser fan ,  what that does is it cools the inside by removing hot air that comes from the house office or condition space up into the air in order to reach the proper temperature at that point you have something called sub-cooling . There is a compressor or coil some miscellaneous Parts depending if you have a heat pump or a straight cool every component every part in that unit can be replaced one at a time.

It bothers me to hear that customers or being pressured to change the part because a technician either feels it’s too much to replace a part or they are not knowledgeable enough to understand how to diagnose it and come up with the reasonable solution to save the customer money.