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Fact about A/C Air Filters

Fact about A/C Air Filters

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Filters can vary greatly depending on the building type.On packaged air handlers disposable air filters are often used.As they become dirty,the air flow becomes restricted this can lead to increased energy use due to inefficient system operation.

A filter status differential pressure switch can be used to trigger an alarm when the filter becomes dirty filter manufacturer literature should Supply information on the differential pressure limits for any dirty filters generally the differential pressure is set from 0.05 -2.0 inches of water column depending on the filter and system type.407-777-8212.

Other Types of air filters:Later on depending on the comments and the feedback I get from this small article you could send me your comments about types of filters that you have curiosity of such as , low efficiency panel filters, pleated medium efficiency filters, HEPA filters ,air filtration ratings filter , efficiency airflow Merv rating , pressure drop electronic filters , renewable media filters , washable panel filters ,  ionizing plate air cleaners , advance hybrid air cleaners , charge media non ionizing air cleaners.


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