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Duct installation

Duct installation

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For you handy guys with a little bit of knowledge I have a quick cheap way I can probably teach you how to calculate your duct measurements:

The vague rule of thumb without using a Ductulator would be a 100 CFM Per square foot but that can get a bit confusing when you use different types of ducts but let start with square ducting or duct board.

I always thought it was odd to have the air handler completely on the opposite side of the biggest rooms in the house Ex; the master bed room is the last to receive air.

If you have a one ton unit;

Remember the rule 400 CFM Per ton one ton is 800 cfm’s +200

If your room is 100 square feet I would put a 100 cfm’s using 6-8” flex duct

My rule,the biggest rooms should be first in line unfortunately that’s not always the case

the easiest way to duct work is to build your square according to your tonnage 1000 cfm’s duct size in square should 13×12 inches run the trunk all the way through and attach flex duct to each room by calculating the cfm’s accordingly and reduce at the end of your duct.

That eliminates the old octopus format

you can do a T-formation going from left to right at your plenum,you can use vanes in your plenum for more of a shoot.


straight trunk                                                                                                          Octopus nightmare


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