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Different types of duct materials-We install

Different types of duct materials-We install

Different types of duct materials-We install

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Duct work can be complicated if you are not familiar with the way it works lets start by naming different types of duct so you can get a clear view and understanding on how they work.

1.Reducing radial duct systems:

a reducing system uses several larger Ducks leaving the main plant them that Branch into smaller ducts as they get closer to their destination this reduces the connections right at the plenum and also reduces overall amount of ducts used.

2.Perimeter Loop duct system:

Uses of radial feeder ducts looks from the blower that attached to a trunk that is installed around the outer edge of the foundation each supply is tapped off his trunk to provide equal air flow throughout the structure .Perimeter Loop systems are normally installed in concrete foundations beneath your structure not a very common concept nowadays butt it’s been successful in its time of use.

Most common in commercial is the sheet metal duct,galvanied or spiral.

Spiral duct is made from long strips of narrow strings or strips of metal and fabricated with spiral Sleeve , machines are available for making ducks on the job to fit required diameter and length spiral duct is used in commercial applications it is frequently used where ductwork will be exposed and requires less support than other types of duck do to its inherent rigidity.

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