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Cost to replace an air conditioning unit at my home in Orlando florida

Cost to replace an air conditioning unit at my home in Orlando florida

Orlando Air Conditioning repairs Air conditiong repair, coil cleaning, freon, inside air conditioner is not blowing cool air

Cost to replace your central air conditioner at home or office free estimation.

It Can be very complicated , that’s one of the reasons why I as a technician always take the time to explain this to all customers , because the consumer only knows that their house is hot you are going to replace this air conditioner for the price agreed , well ! it goes further than that as a technician you must inspect the area first before giving a price to avoid coming back ,

all location so forth must be assessed  carefully ,  Because right after installation when you are ready to start the unit you are going to notice that the thermostat was bad ,  or parts of the wiring was kinked through a wall  ,

drain needs to be replaced so forth there multiple factors that can spoil your work.

lets  explain the process of installing a full air conditioning system.

Let’s just say you quoted a person $4,200 to replace the evaporator which is inside the condenser which is outside but it goes further this is the best time to explain to the customer  what you’ve read above , you cannot later on say you have forgotten such and such that is not professional anything that happens after an agreement will be your problem as a technician EG: the copper lines must be replaced because of the new rules of the 410A pressures.

Matching  thermostats (wiring may differ depending on which type) heat pump you got to have a heat pump thermostat you don’t want to find out all those things needed to be changed after you’ve perform the change out you must do a new drain line not necessarily all the way to the outside of the house but at the air handler in some cases you must build a box where the air conditioner sits on.

new coper lines
installing new air handlers

Average Cost Of AC Unit Repair

Cost to repair an air conditioning  can vary depending on what is wrong and the type of air conditioner in question. However, the average cost for repairing an ac system, according to thousands previous estimations and laborguides , or it may well depend on the technician service call fees which will aply if no work is done . In another words if he fixes the problem the fee will be waived.

With routine and preventive maintenance you can get the most out of your system your AC most units should last a very long time, up to 15 -20  years with good maintenance.

New duct lenum
air handler in shed with plenum attached to it

Factors that can affect cost

There many factors that can leave an unsolved  puzzle about how these machines really work. They  include:

  • Age
  • Proper installation
  • Size and SEER
  • Torque on the compressor
  • Hoe frequent you Maintain the unit
  • Location


Upon the first time a unit is istalled the average warrany is 10 years. And thats for parts only some customers may think it includes labor ! Id does not. If you kept your registered certificate in between that time you can have parts for free ,but you must prove that it failed a technician can do warranty on it but must be at least EPA certified.

After 10 years old is not a reason to replace your unit, if you can maintain it but though he system may be in good working condition it may not be in your favor if your light bill is excessively high meaning the compressor may be pulling too much amperage.


Suprisingly air conditioners break down in the sumer months simply because that is when they are mostly used. That’s the main reason why finding a technician during those times is probably harder than any other time ,and would actually charge more to come out to your home or office .

Since HVAC technicians are in high demand in the summer time I suggest as a homeowner you hire them in the winter time or any other Seasons but the summer season that way you can save money and do not have to worry about your air conditioner breaking down during the summer months.


Efficiency & Size

About 10 years ago a new HVAC law went into effect for residential and Commercial properties stating that efficiency would change seer seasonal efficiency {SEER} energy ratio would go up from 13 sears and up of course with the phase-out of R22 to 410A today you can go as high as 20-something Sears for your air conditioning unit that is to try and improve High amperage load capacity and most of all to save you money every month

So if you have a large house or office you like to occupy with air conditioning a higher Seer can cover more room more space instead of having multiple air conditioning units

The proper way to use your system

As an HVAC technician I’m a strong believer if you’re not at home shut off your air conditioning unit , because I look at it this way it takes electricity to run these components if it’s turned off you’re not burning anything . but it is always recommended to set your thermostat at one temperature that way the system can cycle on and off without being confused AC maintenance and repair costs.

When you’re not home, raise the thermostat. When you leave for vacation, raise the thermostat. Don’t apply so much force (e.g. lower temperatures) when it’s not needed. This will not only lower the lifetime cost of the unit, but extend it as well.


Basic maintenance that you can do yourself without getting into the specifics of a technician  you make sure you change your filters  vacuum your drain do not put bleach in any air conditioning drain the bleach will act like a corrosive agent it will eventually damage the coils while the fan is turning what happens is the bleach  vapor goes back into the air conditioning system that is not recommended

  • Changing Filters montly
  • Avoid frying a lot
  • Clean your outside coil using Coil cleaner
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Avoid smoking or burning incense

Extend of Damage


New duct lenum
air handler in shed with plenum attached to it

In most cases Air conditioners delta-t are to maintain 22 degrees only , they will not go any lower , however freezers go lower than air conditioners . If its 94 degrees outside you want to have your air conditioner on 70 degrees 72 once the thermostat reaches that temperature it will then shut off the unit that is called cycling as a homeowner you should be aware of that if you’re not try AND listen out for when the unit turns on and when the unit turns off.


What most service calls are about

there are many issues with air conditioners that causes them to go bad or stop performing . But one of the most common types of problems would be something that the technician would do on a regular basis type of maintenance , for instance a carrier unit would have a certain problem overtime the technician would notice that all of them have the same problem so most of it is routine below I will list a number of factors

Refrigerant is leaking : Rheem evaporator
Cost to Recharge: Per lbs
Electronics and Boards: Lightning or electrical surge
Fuses, Breakers and Relays: same as above
New Thermostat: Old age
Outdoor Condensing Unit Fan Motor: wear and tare
Condensate Drain Line Flush: not vacuumed often enough
Compressor Replacement: poor installtion
Replacement Condensing Unit Coil: poor maintenance
Drain Pans: depends on manufacturer
Duct Replacement: seldom
outside Fan Motor: rare

Make sure your duct system is proper

Earlier I mentioned efficiency Seer rating you might be missing out on the proper seering that you are supposed to get from your air conditioning unit if your duct system is not build properly. The Seer from your unit will not amount to what it is labeled to do so you have to make sure you hire a professional to inspect your ductwork to make sure that you’re duct system Inlet Outlet Supply is according to code otherwise you may be losing out.

ducane condenser unit
condenser replacing with new pad


How to Maintain AC Unit

Rather than waiting for a repair to come along, why not prevent the repair in the first place? To do so, you must maintain your air conditioning unit, even if there are no signs of trouble. Luckily, each of the following maintenance tasks are easy, cheap and quick:

  1. Change the filter: A new filter can cost as little as $20. Since this is the most effective way of maintaining your AC system, there is no reason not to change your filter. Homeowners should change your AC filters whenever it gets dirty. Depending on the filter, you may have to change it once every six months or once every month. Each filter should indicate how long it will last.
  2. Change the thermostat: Do not waste energy when it is not needed. When you’re at work or away on vacation, increase the temperature. Remember, less strain on your system means less money out of our pocket.
  3. Clean coils: Leaves and debris can infiltrate your AC coils and fins outside your unit. If they do, your AC unit has to work that much harder to maintain your desired temperature. Therefore, make sure you clean your coils and 


HVAC Company Certifications

All technicians that perform air conditioning repair or replace must be certified by the EPA and the state that they pe work in.

At orlandoventilation do not worry about certification without only licensed we are EPA Universal and Nate certified which is National American technician education if you are looking for a professional please call 407-777-8212 or click orlandoventilation. Com


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