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Cost does it cost to get an air conditioner fixed?

Cost does it cost to get an air conditioner fixed?

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 Cost to repair my home air conditioner

Our team of business HVAC installers are professionals so whiping up an estimate is within minutes is not a problem

First lets calculate square footage and area to be conditioned remember it must be calculated in both heating and cooling .For example 500 cfm in heating and 400 in cooling so if you have a 1500 sq foot house which is 3 bed room 2 bath more than likely you’ll need a 3.5 ton air conditioner system . Here is a simple way to calculate the math without using contractors tools like duculators etc..

We do not count only bedrooms we calculate living area inside the whole house , living room bathrooms , din ,Florida room , any room that is inside , now your 3 bed 2 bath just turned in to about 7 to 8 rooms every room gets calculated by the sq footage for example your room is a 10×10 its 100 sqft in size which we we will use an 8 inch drop , duct to feed that room in flex duct if we have to use a trunk fibrous a 8×8 can suffice in a square.

Cost To Repair An Ac Unit?

 It is not wise to have a technician changing components after the age of 10 years old it will be one disaster after the next you should replace both units condenser and evaporator.
The average company charges over 6,000 to 10,000 dollars for a complete change out , that can vary depending on the season and time of the year , I always encourage my customers to get ac work done in the winter time simply because of the higher cost in the summer.

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