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Central Fl is the Heat pump Capital

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 Central Fl is the heat pump capital of the world.


Central . Florida climate is some what sub-tropical , but in my opinion There are two seasons here nice or just hot as HELL, believe me we get laughed when we say we have a winter season (we do have short cold spells), from June to September, which are hot and muggy and with frequent thunderstorms the air conditioning is needed . Further south, like Miami , the climate stays summer like all year round.

Central fl During spring or fall its pretty much the same uniform from north to south of Orlando , places like eustis , Mt-Dora Apopka , kissimmee especially in the daytime, when they range (88 °F and 91 °F), while it gets warmer the further south , with the variation of temperatures the heat pump system is the best thing that ever happen to us.

 The ability and diversity of the heat pump.


Don’t be surprised if you are from a northern region part of the U.S to find you are switching the thermostat from HEAT to Cold within a matter of hours cold in the morning very warm around midday ! that is typical in these parts of central Florida quite frankly I think that is a privilege ”’Nice to be able controlling your own climate”.

central Florida is the heat pump capital
central Florida is the heat pump capital.


Central air Florida -How it works.

Believe or not the same method that it uses to cool you area , home , office is actually reversed ,lets say you have a window ac unit installed and you took it and turned it around outside is now inside that’s as simple it gets reversing the flow removing cold from your quarter instead of heat.

But which a bunch of bells and whistles like two TXV’S defrost sensors among another things if your’e not into it will confuse you