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Pull clean Air conditioner coil cleaning process professionally

Pull clean Air conditioner coil cleaning process professionally


Cleaning the condenser.

With a garden hose, spray the fins from the inside out. (Never use high pressure ) . The fins are very thin and can damage easily.
Inspect the fins for straightness.

They are very thin can be easily bent . Spray with the grain not against it, straighten any one of them gently with a fin tool. careful not to damage the copper or aluminum tubing within the fins.
Do not use a hard brush against the body of the condenser. Use coil cleaning solvent only recommended by the EPA Rules , do not have pets around.


Coil cleanser is must
professional coil cleaning


Clean the evaporator coils . Located in a closet . In the house garage or attic . using a very  soft paint brush to dust off the coil.  spray the coil with coil cleanser, you must take it outside to prevent flooding . in a secure area away from any animals , plants or small children be sure to use the same procedure , repeat the process til satisfied.

Now put it back in the way you took it out be sure to slide it into the bottom tracks and push in , braze the lines back in using nitrogen to pressurize check all your pressures you should fine , Clean the evaporator drain. This is usually a 1-inch PVC pipe coming off the evaporator enclosure. Follow it to where it drains out.

Drain clean

Vacuum drain for 2-3 minutes  clear out trapped debris in the system to ensure good flow form inside and out.
Change the filter if needed ” always check it  . This type of inspection by a technician should be done twice a year on heating/cooling systems; Turn the breaker  back on and let it go through a full cycle. If it’s not performing as it should call us.


Convincing a Customer.


Unfortunately, it can be difficult for technician to convince a  customer  need to clean their coils. In my opinion it’s important find out a specific type of complaint and than to educate using that specific substance such as a high light bill or allergies. Any time you mention  efficiency, wasted energy, and potential indoor air quality problems that can cause the above effects you are on your to doing the fob.