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cooling .  Duct work  is not always required.

cooling when it comes to different types of units in difficult situations it can be almost impossible to run ducting , but worry not we do have a mini-split option which is ductless it consist of the same components of a regular home HVAC system without having to  run ducts through a crawl space or attic.

How does it work ?

Just like any other unit it cools , provides heat , dehumidifies , humidifies almost noiseless 99 percent of the time you do not even notice or hear it running at the bottom of the picture you notice two copper fittings ! goes the whose run to the inside unit which is the evaporator and you're all set. You can install up to eight evaporators.

It is economical and very efficient.

These machines run on such low amps its not noticeable to see a penny more on your light bill this is from experience and talking to several customers months after installation these units are very compact and made for small spaces widely used in china japan and the Caribbean especially where construction is a bit different than in the US.

minisplit systems installed in pinehills.

Parts and components.

Minisplits comes with three visible parts such as a remote which has a sensing thermister for room temperature control , the outside , and the inside unit. So there are'nt any bulky components to get in your way especially in the attic taking away your  storage space ,  installation must be done by a certified technician in some cases permits from your local municipality is required to avoid fines.

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