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Air conditioning repair in Orlando fl

Air conditioning repair in Orlando fl

Orlando Air Conditioning repairs Air conditiong repair



Air conditioning repair in Orlando fl

In this chapter I will try to cover the Curiosity that a customer would have about their air conditioning system whether you’re purchasing , repairing , installing operating .

I think a technician should have enough knowledge to see to it that the customer understands what he or she is performing . Customers have lots of curiosity most of the time they don’t feel comfortable enough to ask questions and I find it it all depends on the character of the repair person that sometimes can hinder or somewhat shy away the customer’s questions .

Customer comfort.

That should be reversed a customer should feel as comfortable not as comfortable as you make them but you should make them comfortable enough to ask questions to the point where they feel content !! oh well if they keep going that’s something you’re going to have to handle so that tells you as a technician you got to work fast and get out , but in most cases the customers should know what he or she is spending their money on from guarantee to warranty parts and labor and so forth.


Don’t panic you wont be long

some people find it intimidating when the customer sits or walks around with the technician . I don’t find that embarrassing at all because that is a factor is a trust when the customers does that you as a technician should have diffusion tactics to try and break up the hard parts of the moment you know they will ask you why is the sky blue you ? Believe it you will get that question you have to have an answer , what does this thermostat do , how does it work¬† , does it have batteries , why does this thing make a noise.

why do I hear Rumble , why do I get too cold , why is this room colder than the other room , you will get those questions so get ready in this chapter I will try to depict from my experience the behavior of a customer during a repair or uninstall or repair.


Improvising while you interact

Believe It or Not There are general terms that you can use to explain something for instance if the customer says what does this this do and they point to the condenser.

my way of answering that type of question is in a very broad format I explain to them how the air conditioner works and when does this part come in when does that part come in or at what temperature the cooling device or the heating , that one is the intermediate in between device that controls pressure and temperature more like a an electronic gate eventually what you do is they get bored they walk away.

then you would notice that they walk away because they just simply don’t understand when you say for instance subcooling superheat evaporation condensation eventually if 4they don’t walk away you would find it that most customers are satisfied by finding out if they can pick your brain and every time they do if you’ll have an answer for them.

Air conditioning repair in Orlando fl 407-777-8212
Air conditioning repair in Orlando fl 407-777-8212

As a technician always do drills with your self.

 Sort of like the very questions you would get on the field get ready.

Why does it have water inside of it ?

Explain the evaporation process




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