One of the things in the HVAC Industry especially in fl you have technicians that offer you a better offer yes its cheaper it does the same job,for Ex:Your heat pump a unit goes out,you call a company they quote a price of 2500 dollars to replace the outside which is where the coil,the reversing valve,compressor,defrost board fan etc...

But the guy at your church knows some who can do it for half price ok!Its summer time you just want it to work not realizing its a straight cool unit he's installing is not a heat pump systems

Of course if the issue comes he will say to you yes you will have in the winter,not realizing you will be using the E-HEAT Option on your thermostat which will bring your light bill through the roof.

Safety tip:When going from heat pump to straight cool other components inside be be changed along with it for safety reasons

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