This really getting deep into knowledge of how air flow,factors affecting human comfort,understanding the ways the body dissipates heat the explanation of  dry bulb-Wet bulb and dew point temperatures.

Comfort is the feeling of contentment with the environment,how the body adapts to changes in its surroundings temperature wise,a certified technician should have knowledge of Psychrometrics (yes that is the right spelling) you have to be able to measure airflow, humidity weight,and volume,atmospheric static pressure,dew point sensible heat and latent heat process.

I’m trying in a lump sum to make understand how air conditioning works from the outside condenser to the inside evaporator core although a technician can install a unit in your house especially an older home the system may work properly but you may be losing money simply because the properly calibrated Psychrometrically.

Example; If your house had a 2 ton unit you now added one room to it so you decide to change it to a 3 or 4 ton unit using the same ducts!Well it will not be as efficient as you think ducts have to be the proper size in that case you may notice one room is colder than the other etc…That’s heat load measurement and calibration comes in.

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