Allergies wont go away

I strongly recommend these types of filters especially if you suffer from allergies, the filter does  remove particles from the air before it enters into your room,by burning dust,bacterial microbes,getting rid of mold by using heating elements using the thermostat voltage from your air handler… UV Lights are also a great option if you have allergies that can be very helpful .

Air conditioner is leaking ?

It can be freezing due to improper sealing ,low on refrigerant ,poor ventilation a broken drain pan or it being clogged etc…

The inside is on but the outside is not ?

This problem can occur due to electrical parts failure

I feel the air but its not cool enough ?

That can occur due to faulty ducts ,low Freon , dirty coils inside and out ,low refrigerant ,bad or faulty TXV Valve


I hear a noise  in the air handler or the Condenser

Noises occur from any moving parts such as fan motors objects caught inside so forth.

 remember as a customer you are not just a number waiting in queue you are a priority.

At ADS We provide the ultimate service


  •  units are therallly inspected for proper level of refrigerant and adjusted accordingly
  • Rid the inside cabinet from any foreign objects such as dirt debris droppings
  • for leveling
  • Inspect and clean coil if needed
  • All control modules, relays, boards, capacitors, and contactor coils.
  • Check thermostat


  • Inspect and clean blower and squirel cage
  • Units that may carry fan belts
  • filter housing for contamination
  • evaporator coil,  drain lines
  • Freon leakage
  • broken or damaged low voltage wires
  • All ecm’s
  • Clean air filter spot
  • Ducts for leakage
  • Listen fro different types  noises
  • look for perculiar types of smells
  • indoor outdoor  bulb temperature
  • high  low side  pressures
  • Check vents
  • Monitor rla lra

Call us about our 49.99 service charge at 407-777-8212

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