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When issues come up with your air conditioner, for a moment you can be confused. Is it broken beyond repair, or can I find a local tech near me to fix it? Will you need a new HVAC system i? To answer these questions, you need the help of an AC professional. How can you find a good and affordable HVAC contractor?

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These guys gave me peace of mind after dealing with another company , I got in touch with ADS.CONTRACTORS they saved me a ton of cash on installing my ac unit Kate from Pine-hills Orlando. The hurricane damaged my air conditioner , I live in the willowood hiawasse area pine hills area 32818 and I called john he gave me a better estimate than every other company that I called , he raised the height of the unit added two sitting pads leveled my concrete , a new thermostat a burglar cage for the same price


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"I got a quote for 5000 dollars to replace my air conditioner  talking it over with a friend they referred me to ADS air condition and duct systems , they did it for 1500 dollars less.


Longwood florida.


“I had a leak in my copper tubing that no one else seems to being able to be found , when these came they found it right away.

Ms Lina Hiawasee gardens , Florida.


” We were very impressed by the prompt professional service we received. In no time they had our AC units working beautifully. ask for john he is very responsive and professional!


My older AC unit wasn’t working or blowing cool. I was in July and I was not ready to repair a 10 year old unit. This company came and surprised us ,  their prices were so low I gave the technician a big tip.


Frankie C. From metro PCS Store in pinehills.


We have 20 occupants to keep cool and happy while trying to keep cost at a minimum. We get timely service at a great prices. They cater to investors, but have put in systems for our home too. Special thanks to John, one of their and dedicated technicians.

Very low Prices with Excellent Service.

Khalid M .From Amoco Par st Orlando fl


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I am a construction manager in the Orlando , Winderemere , Florida area and Air Conditioning Duct systems Experts are my desired team. They provide excellent and cost effective service to  us . They are responsive and offer suggestions on minimizing costs ” meaning they work with you during estimation. I used them for all of the new systems oo the new builds I couldn’t be happier with their prices!

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Orlando Central AC Repair Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning We can give a free estimate over the phone.14 years of experience servicing the residential air conditioning and needs of homeowners in the Orlando Florida areas. Our NATE Certified Technicians will quickly respond to your have HVAC issues. You can count on us to do what it takes to keep you cool and comfortable.

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[caption id="attachment_2996" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Air conditioning companies in orlando florida Air conditioning companies in orlando florida[/caption] We are your local air conditioner repair company in Orlando Florida Providing Maintenance  in your area on a daily basis repairing these very  complex machines with many confusing components that keep you and your family comfortable. Our experienced HVAC certified technicians, we understand the purposes of those components and know how to make sure they’re in good working condition. Here are some of the steps we’ll take to maintain your heating and cooling systems. Inspect and , clean change air filters Lube all rotating parts Check electrical controls , leak check ,  and several other points of inspection.       Having an air conditioner shut down in the middle of a summer is inexplicable , and also dangerous and uncomfortable  to your family’s health and safety. That’s why our air conditioning repair team is available one phone call away, to be able to provide repair services to you and your love ones.

Condenser , Evaporator Coil cleaning
Check for refrigerant leak ,Pressure testing
Same day service ,
Drain cleaning , and treatement
Load calculation and Estimation on site